What is the president doing to go “green”?



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    The first thing that came to my mind as far as the President going “green” is the expansion of the White House garden by the First Lady. Michelle Obama has launched an anti-obesity campaign, which could also be considered green. She has expanded the garden 400 square feet (two rows) and planted rhubarb, carrots and broccoli along with many other nutritional vegetables. Sometimes the little things are effective and the garden sets a great example for other people to follow.

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    So far, not much.  That being said, the recession and unemployment issues (among other issues) have been the priority over the last two years.  Plans are in place for long-term environmental improvements, and that has been Obama’s attitude towards his presidency so far – to put a long-term structure in place that will effectively set up the country for years to come.  The largest planned legislation involves a system where the government actually SELLS large companies the rights to pollution emissions – this will generate revenue in the short term earmarked for environmental programs.  The emissions rights will reduce over time, making the existing rights more expensive to maintain revenue but encourage large companies to switch to lower emission practices so they won’t have to buy the rare and expensive rights.

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