What is present global bee biomass estimated compared to 2000 BC?

How has the bee population fallen over the last 4K years (especially the last 100 yrs)?
Are there any graphs that chart the curve?



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    As far as I can tell, there isn’t much publically available informtion on bee population that goes back that far. In fact, it might be extremely hard to scientists to estimate bee populations four thousand years ago, let alone a few hundred years ago. There probably just aren’t accurate numbers, or much interest in going back that far, or the ability to track bee population that far (bugs don’t preserve well when they die and fall to the ground, you know?).

    I would imagine, though, that bee population may have been higher before humans developed chemical pesticides. The bee population is decreasing worldwide, so there very well may have been more bees four thousand years ago.

    Within the last hundred years, you could probably find some data. If there are beekeepers or universities in your area, it might be good to call them and ask if they have any numbers for you.

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    While it would be difficult to find information about bee populations several thousand years ago, the following link cites articles that relate to the recent decline in bee population.

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      Thank you, Henry. Fascinating article. Bees are just one of the “canaries in the coalmine” that are warning us that something is seriously wrong, and getting worse. As the toxicity increases, more and more of these indicators will reflect ever more disastrous outcomes.
      Oh, and yes, I wasn’t expecting beekeeping records from the distant past… just reasonable extrapolations backward based on current statistics. This article has helped.
      Bee biomass is just one of 27 global-indicator changes I am tracking on a rather massive graph that reflects the last 8K years of status & resource indicators. Things are getting very messy very fast, once you see the chart.
      Thanks again.

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