what is the present annual drinking water demand of India



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    According to the 2006 annual report by the UN, each person in India used just under 150 liters of water per day. The current population in India is 1.22 bn. That’s a lot of water!

    Compare that to the USA where everyone was reported to use just under 600 liters of water today. The current US population is 311,591,917 people.

    Therefore, while the population of India may be huge, the amount of water used per person is much lower than in the USA, where the population may be low but everyone uses way more water than anywhere else in the world. 

    Both these countries are using a lot of water everyday and frankly it’s putting a strain on our entire ecosystem. The question is how long the water we have can sustain everyone in the world like it has been trying to do.

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