what is a predator for an alligator?

what is the predator for the alligator



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    Alligators really only need to worry about predators when they’re young. As eggs, their parents need to protect them from raccoons and otters. When they’re hatched, they still need to be protected by those and snakes, other alligators, fish, and snapping turtles. The young have a  yellow stripe to help them better camouflage.

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    Many young alligators will stay close to their mothers for protection for up to 2 years.  When out on their own, the babies must be careful of otters, snakes, raccoons, herons, fish, snapping turtles and especially other alligators that are looking for food to eat.  Until the young are able to protect themselves, they do try to stay connected with their mothers because they know at their protection level is increased when they are around them.

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    The American Alligator can only be prayed on when it is young. They can be eaten by raccoons, otters, herons, snakes, fish, snapping turtles, and other alligators.  

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