What is the practice of “docking” the tails of cows?



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    Tail docking is a management practice used within the dairy industry. The dairy industry in New Zealand developed the process during the early 1900s as an attempt to reduce incidence of leptospirosis in milking personnel. The stated goals of tail docking include improved comfort for milking personnel, enhanced udder cleanliness, reduced incidence of mastitis, and improved milk quality and milk hygiene.

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    Tail docking is the process of removing the tail of cattle in farming operations. This is done for several reasons, these include, the comfort of cattle workers (not being whipped by cattle tails) and quality of milk in dairy operations (tails not brushing debris onto udders and then into milk). This is not a beneficial procedure for the cows, however, as they are more vulnerable to flies and may experience chronic pain and discomfort from the operation.

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