What is potpourri made of?



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    Potpourri is a mixture of dried, naturally fragrant plant materials such as dried fruit peels, dried herb leaves, and dried flowers.

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    Depending on the occasion, the ingredients for potpourri can differ. For example, potpoourri used for winter and holiday occasions may employ the use of more holiday-ish scents like cinammon and pine cones. But for a simple more traditional blend of potpourri, here is a sampling of what can be used: mint, geranium, rose leaves, lemon verbana, lemon balm, calamus root, honeysuckle oil, bergamot oil, ylang ylang oil, etc. 

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    You can make your own potpourri from home, skipping the packaging, gas used to transport it, and any other chemicals other companies may use.Here’s a recipe to see the real ingredients and process of potpourri.


    * Essence of Rose


    • 1 cup pink rose petals
    • 1/2 cup red rose petals
    • 1/2 cup white rose petals
    • 1/4 cup chamomile fs
    • 1/2 cup crushed statice (blue or white)
    • 1/4 cup eucalyptus leaves
    • 1/4 cup oakmoss
    • 20 drops rose oil

    Gently combine petals and leaves in a large bowl. Scatter drops of rose oil over the mixture using an eyedropper. Stir gently. Place mixture in a brown paper bag lined with wax paper. Fold and seal the bag with a paper clip and leave in a dry, dark, cool place for 2 weeks. Every other day, stir the contents gently to blend and disperse ingredients and scents. Place in glass bowls or candy dishes. Top with small white or pink rose buds.

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    Potpourri is made of dried flowers and leaves, and sometimes dried citrus peels. Essential oils, like lavender oil and rose oil, are sometimes added to potpourri. Popular ingredients of potpourri include roses, cedar, cloves, jasmine, and rosemary. Potpourri dates back to early 17th century France, where lavender and herbs were sprinkled with sea salt and left to dry.

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