What is the potential of solar energy?



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    Solar energy has potential because it can be used on small-scale private and residential buildings and doesn’t require enormous startup costs to install (like say wind farms). Solar is also a totally renewable energy source–the sun won’t be burning out anytime soon. Although it’s still rather cost-prohibitive to cover enough area with solar panels to generate power sufficient to power large urban areas, developments in the technology have increased efficiency significantly. The use of mirrors to focus the energy on a single harvesting panel reduces the number of panels needed (and decreases the scarce silicon required to produce them) thus cutting down on costs as well.

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    The potential for solar energy is huge. Solar energy systems can be used on a residential and commercial basis. Solar panels can be installed directly on a home to provide energy; they also have less zoning issues to deal with than wind turbines. A solar energy power plant could also be used to provide energy on a much larger scale. Another benefit is that many places all over the world are well suited for solar energy. In just one hour the earth receives more energy from the sun than the entire world uses in one year.

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