What is potato blight?



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    Blight is a disease in potatoes (among other vegetables) that is caused by the organism Phytophthora Infestans – Which can contaminate a large area of the crop relatively quickly – Conditions that are prime for the disease to occur on large scale are consistent daily moisture (8-12hr a day), high humidity (90% or higher), and temperatures below 78 degrees.

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    Blight starts as small, irregularly shaped light green to gray lesions on leaf tips, and spreads rapidly to form large black rot spots on the leaves and stems. It will kill the plant if left untreated. The potato itself is affected; Sunken areas that are a darker brown or purple color will appear. If the potatoes are harvested and stored, the affected tubers will have dry, sunken, light brown spots that are not too different looking from normal potatoes. Badly blighted potatoes will develop purplish flesh and feel like cork. Blight caused the Irish Potato Famine

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