What ports do not allow nuclear subs in them?



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    There are a lot of nuclear-free ports and cities around the world, but they are not all created equal: some ban vessels that are nuclear-powered, while others are more concerned with nuclear weapons rather than nuclear power, and some are against both. Vancouver, BC is a nuclear weapons-free port, which is why American naval ships tie up instead at CFB Esquimalt base outside the city. All ports in Japan are off limits to vessels carrying nuclear weapons, but nuclear-powered vessels are not banned; theoretically a submarine not carrying nuclear warheads could enter a Japanese port. That’s not the case in New Zealand where all vessels powered by nuclear propulsion are banned. Certain cities in the United States have varying nuclear-free ordinances. New York, Chicago and Portland, Oregon are notable nuclear-free ports. Many inland cities, most notably Davis, California, are also nuclear-free zones, but these ordinances have usually been aimed at preventing military installations that use or transport nuclear weapons from making use of city facilities, or else preventing the start-up of nuclear power plants. That has also happened in many inland cities in Europe.

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