What is pollution from?

I am doing a essay paper on “Reasons to Recycle.” I am going to be touching on topics like reducing pollution.



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    Pollution can stem from any number of things that can harm the natural environment, and there are two kinds. Point source pollution is a pollution source that can be directly identified like a factory dumping waste, and non-point source pollution includes things like runoff, whose the source is harder to directly identify. In your case, we can talk about reducing pollution through recycling because things like aluminum, plastics and styrofoam do not biodegrade, or naturally break down, when put in landfills. By recycling, you can reduce the amount pollution by reducing the amount of reusable and recyclable materials that end up contaminating the land and animals.

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    Plastic bags are a good thing to cover. Part of the problem with plastic bags is that they blow away easily and can wind up in places far away from the landfill. So, in the case of plastic bags, it is a good idea to be extra careful. Often, it is best to refuse the plastic bag altogether and use a re-usable bag instead. I always ride my bicycle to the grocery store, so I find it easiest to have the checkout people bag directly into my pannier bags.

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