What is a pollutant?



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    Pollutant is substance that is detrimental to a natural ecsystem.

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    When people think of pollution, they often think of a nasty, brown substance floating through a river or smog that makes it difficult for people and other organisms to breathe. A pollutant can be a physical substance, but it can also come in the form of sound waves or light photons. Noise pollution receives a lot less attention than other types of pollutants because you cannot pick it up and hold it in your hand or analyze it under a microscope. Unlike other forms of pollution, noise pollution does not leave a residue, so it does not need to be cleaned up after the device that is making the noise is shut down or removed.

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    A pollutant is anything that exceeds naturally occurring conditions, typically as a result of human activity.

    In other words, even though nitrogen may naturally occur in an environment, if there is more nitrogen in the environment than is naturally present, then nitrogen becomes a pollutant.

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