What political ideology is generally most hostile to the environment?



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    This is a general answer, as that is what the question is asking for. But the ideology that is most hostile to the environment is the conservative ideology. This ideology emphasizes limited government regulation and fewer taxes. With regard to the environment, this means that conservative ideology is against government regulation of pollutants, emissions, and deforestation. It is also against taxes that hold responsible those businesses who pollute the most.

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    I actually disagree with earthling’s response — I would venture to say that liberalism is the most environmentally hostile (though unintentionally). Liberalism — individual autonomy and the pursuit of happiness without concern for community values per se — has provided people with a rationalization to seek out their own pure self interest. Liberalism has given people sufficient reason to purchase multiple cars, have multiple children, throw away recyclables, hunt/poach, eat unsustainable meat from factory farms, etc…all in the name of autonomy. Who do governmental officials from the EPA or grassroots organizations aimed at sustainability to argue with the liberalist manifesto of rational egoism?

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