What is the point of making concept cars that never make it to market?



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    As we have all seen in auto shows, magazines, and over the internet, concept and futuristic cars are basically just flash to get attention to the auto company. The companies may be struggling with their image and need attention to the cars they make. Oftentimes, these cars represent a hope for the future- that things will continue progressing in a forward manner in the auto industry. I would encourage/challenge auto companies to make concept cars that function using only water or biodiesel fuel. Oh the possibilities….

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    Concept cars are a way for people to show off their ingenuity and creativity. This is liken to designers who create avant garde pieces for fashion. They don’t expect people to wear these outfits, but rather to treat them as a piece of art to be admired. Concept car manufacturers have this same idea in trying to turn imagination into a reality. They don’t expect their cars to turned into models but they can at least push the boundaries of automotive technology and design.

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