What is pleather made from?



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    Pleather is a form of plastic, made into an artificial leather.

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    The most popular form of pleather is made out of a polyurethane film, which is a lighter, more flexible and less restrictive material than leather. This kind of pleather is easy to clean, requiring the owner to simply wipe it off occasionally with a cloth dipped in a solution of mild detergent and warm water. This simple care routine ensures a longer life for pleather garments, making them nearly as durable and reliable as their true leather counterparts.

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    Pleather refers to “plastic leather”, a cheaper and more-humane alternative to animal leather. Pleather may contain either polyurethane or polyvinyl chloride (PVC), so while it is more animal-friendly, it still supports the extraction of petroleum for plastic production. Recently many “vegan leather” options have become available for clothing- and footwear-shoppers in search of cruelty-free AND sustainable materials.

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    More specifically, pleather is often polyurethane (a kind of plastic). In the case of clothes, pleather is simply cloth (cotton or polyester) coated with polyurethane.

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