what plastics can be recyled?



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    For the most part, all types of plastic can be recycled. The thing with plastic is that everything made of plastic should be marked with a code, so it’s easier to tell if it’s recyclable or not. Type 1 and type 2 plastics are accepted in container form, and type 4 is accepted in bag form. If a piece of plastic is marked with Code 7, this means that it’s mixed or layered plastic with and has little recycling potential. If you come across this, you should not put these plastics in your recycling bin. 

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    Plastics with resin codes 1-7 can be recycled, but not every community accepts all resin codes.  To find out what is accepted in your area you should contact your waste management company.  If you find that your curbside pick-up does not collect the types of plastics you have, you can search on earth911.com to find a location near you that will accept it.

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