what plants repal mosquitoes?



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    There are several plants that repel mosquitos. The mostly commonly used and best known is citronella grass. The oil from citronella grass is used in insect repellants. Catnip is another plant that can be grown in your garden that repels mosquitos. Other plants you can grow at home that repel mosquitos are: peppermint, rosemary, garlic, cloves, eucalyptus and lavendar. There are wild plants that also repel mosquitos: vanilla leaf, sagebrush, pineapple weed and wild bergamot. These are just some of the plants that can be used to ward off mosquitos. Check out the link to find out more.


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    Found this… i live in South America and those citrus-y fruits are very good at repelling mosquitoes such as  lime, lemon grass, lemon, oranges, tangerines, mandarins. Basically high smelling plants I would expect 😀

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    Some people do not like how citronella smells, so catnip, peppermint, rosemary, marigolds, lemon balm, garlic, clove, eucalyptus, tea tree, and lavander are all great alternatives. Wild plants have vanilla leaf, sagebrush, wormwood, pineapple weed, and many more, all repel mosquitos!

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