What plants make tumbleweeds?



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    The plant that seems to be responsible for the good old American tumbleweed is the Russian Thistle. They seem to originate from the Asian steppes and ended up in America due to a shipment of seeds from Russia. I guess that makes them American the way apple pie (which seems to be British) is!

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    The Russian thistle makes tumbleweeds. The Russian thistle generally grow on dry plains, fields, and roadsides. It is a round bushy plant that grows to around 3 feet. When the Russian thistle matures, it breaks off at the base and tumbles in the wind. The tumbling helps the plant spread its’ seeds. 

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    Actually a tumbleweed is a single plant which when fully mature and dry the above ground part of it detaches and becomes what we commonly know as a “Tumbleweed.” Certain species of Tumbleweed are actually a flower cluster but are still a single plant.

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