What plants can I grow to attract wildlife?



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    Sedums, lavender, heathers, aquilegia, rosemary, teasel, thyme, single flowered dahlias, fuchsia, cornflowers and buddleia.

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    Hummingbirds are beautiful and can easily be attracted by planting bright, colorful flowers. Willow and eucalyptus trees provide the nesting materials they need if you want to set up a suitable habitat for them.

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    Grow a plant that grows a berry of some kind.  It may not be edible for humans, but something will eat them, and you will surely attract animals

    In Ohio we have mulberry trees (not sure if you have the room for that)  but that attracts many animals..plus you can make jam out of the berries 

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    Grow plants that are native to your area.  Local and varied wildflowers, grasses, and trees will encourage species diversity around your home. 

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    Depending on where you live you could try planing milkweed.  We had this growing in our garden when I was a kid and it would attract monarch butterflies which would lay their eggs.  We would collect the eggs, wait for them to hatch and feed the caterpillars new leaves every day until they spun their chrysalis.  It is a fun thing you could do with children and it can all be done inside an empty peanutbutter jar with holes punched in the lid.

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    Golden Rod, Aster, Honeysuckle, Sedges, Joe Pye, Morning Glories, Lupine, and many many others. Decide what animals you want to attract and find out their favorite food. Salt licks are great to hide among the foliage as well if you are looking to attract deer.

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    Where do you live and what type of wildlife are you trying to attract?  The best species of plant to use are ones that are native to your area.  They’ll grow better in the conditions they’re acclimated for, and wont harm plants/animals etc. native to the surrounding ecosystem.


    Some plant varieties can attract wildlife you might not prefer, like bees or slugs or – as in the SW desert- javelinas.  let me know what you’re looking for and i can try to offer some useful suggestions 🙂

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    oak trees, morning glory, blue holly,yews, and daisys


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