What plants are found in New Zeland

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    New Zealand has a wide variety of different plants and greenery that grow naturally in their habitat.  They are unique because 80% of their trees, bushes, and flowering plants are found only in New Zealand. 

    New Zealand is known for their beech forests, made up of five different species of southern beech trees.  They are the largest remaining endemic forest type in New Zealand.  The five species are as follows: hard beech (nothofagus truncata), black beech (nothofagus solandri), red beech (nothofagus fusca), silver beech (nothofagus menziesii), and mountain beech (nothofagus solandri var cliffortioides). 

    New Zealand is also known for its cabbage tree (cordyline australis) which is one of the more distinctive trees that peppers the New Zealand landscape.  It is most commonly found on farms, but actually grows all over the countryside, finding its home in wet, swampy areas such as swamps.  The cabbage trees have beautiful flowers that grow in the summer and then turn into berries which New Zealand’s birds love to feast on.

    New Zealand also has a significant number of fern species which is interesting because ferns typically prefer moist, forest-like areas, thriving off of the high water content.  Nonetheless, New Zealand has almost 200 species of ferns.  Forty percent of them don’t grow anywhere else in the world except New Zealand!




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    Below is a list of some native New Zealand plants and the places where they grow well.

    *Koroiko: It grows well in pots and on fences.

    *Kowhai: This is another potted-plant; additionally, it thrives in windy and dry environments.

    *Flax: It can survive in regions that are dry and damp. Additionally, it may be found in lava fields.

    A few other native species include tawa, kauri, tarair, rimu and pohutukawa.

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