what planets have atmospheres



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    If you mean breathable atmosphere then only Earth does, which makes sense because we were created (in some way or another) to live here. If you mean an atmosphere of any type of gas then all the other terrestrial planets do. ‘Terrestrial Planets’ refers to the four planets with rocky surfaces; Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars.

    The other four planets are made of gas so they don’t think that they have an atmosphere because they are all gas anyway. Also of note is the fact that some moons like Titan also have atmospheres.

    All the atmospheres listed above have different compositions. They have different gases in different densities.

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    All of the planets in our solar system have an atmosphere, even the four gas planets.  Each planet has a different atmosphere as follows:

    Mercury – thin, almost undetectable atmosphere composed of sodium and potassium gas

    Venus – carbon dioxide with minor amounts of nitrogen and trace amounts of nitrogen, helium, neon, and argon

    Earth – primarily composed of nitrogen and oxygen. Minor gases include and carbon dioxide, ozone, argon, and helium

    Mars – thin layer composed mainly of carbon dioxide. Nitrogen, argon, and small traces of oxygen and water vapor are also present

    Jupiter – helium and hydrogen with trace amounts of water, ammonia, methane, and other carbon compounds

    Saturn – thick atmosphere composed of hydrogen and helium

    Uranus – hydrogen and minor amounts of helium Methane

    Neptune – hydrogen and helium, but about 2.5-3% of the atmosphere is methane

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