What planet is most likely to have life? (other than earth)



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    There are a couple of planets we expect might have life. We like to check the composition of a planet to see if it might have water or oxygen, what we think might be essential to life.

    There are several planets that we hope might be able to support life. An example is in the link below. It is 50 light years away and is a similar size to earth and orbits a “normal” sun.

    A list of 8 worlds where life might exist are in the second website listed below.

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    To be honest none of the planets in our solar system seem like they would be fit to support life. But if you take the search a little further, “It probably wouldn’t feel exactly like home. But the planet known as Gliese 581d has a lot more in common with Earth than astronomers first thought.”

    New measurements of the planet’s orbit place it firmly in a region where conditions would be right for liquid water, and thus life as we know it, astronomer Michel Mayor, from Geneva University in Switzerland, announced today. It is about 20.5 light years away, which actually makes it a pretty close neighbor of ours.

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    None of the planets apart from earth supports life. The Venus which is closer to the sun in relation to the Earth is too hot to support life while the Nars which is the immediate planet after the earth away from the sun is too cold to support life. Whether any planet apart from earth supported life is a thing of the past. It is only the earth that supports life now.

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