What planet has the most moons?



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    Jupiter has the most moons of any planet. 

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    Jupiter has the most moons, with about 63 confirmed moons in a secure orbit. 4 are rather large and were discovered by Galileo.

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    Jupiter.  It has 63 moons (and moonlets, or smaller moons).  However, Saturn may have more, but many are unconfirmed due to the fact some may or may not be actual moons.  It has about 150 unconfirmed “moonlets,” 61 confirmed moons and 2 with confirmed orbits.

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    The short answer is Jupiter.  In the Spring of 2002 at the University of Hawaii, researchers who had previously believed there were only 28 moons belonging to Jupiter discovered 11 more.  Since then even more have been discovered and the current count is an astonishing 63.  Saturn is a close 2nd with 61 moons.  

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    Less we forget one of the most notable new moons to the solar system. That is Pluto, once a planet, being scientifically dubbed a moon of Neptune.  This illustrates the constant changing nature of the solar system, and why while Jupiter has many confirmed moons, there may be many more.

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