What planet has the most moons?



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    Jupiter is the planet that has the most known moons in our solar system. There are at least 63 moons or moon-lets.

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    Jupiter has the most moons (and moonlets), with 63 confirmed moons.

    Saturn is a close second with 61 confirmed moons, two unconfirmed moons, and possibly 150 “moonlets” more concealed within its rings.

    It depends on what you consider a moon, but Jupiter has the most large moons that are undeniably  moons.

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    In our solar system, Saturn possesses the most moons, with 61 confirmed moons as of 2009.

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    Jupiter has the most moons with a total of 63 including the 4 moons discovered by Galileo. Unless you count Saturn which has only 61 moons but has hundred of “moonlets” that orbit it.

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