What place on the planet will be least impacted by climate change?



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    I’m not sure which country or continent would feel the least amount of impact. The thing with climate change is it also causes weather patterns to shift, which can create flooding in places that normally experience little to no water, severe drought in places that already experience it annually, snow in cities further south that don’t normally get snow, etc. Both polar caps have experienced a dramatic melting process due to climate change and if this trend carries on, oceans will get deeper and overtake current coastal areas, which will affect everywhere on earth essentially.

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    As governments of some countries have realized the harmful effects of climatic change due to global warming and there is some sort of awarness among the people, many people have been contributing to the environment. Many people in different countries do not have much facilities for contribiting. The place which has the most facilities will have least impact on human-based climatic change. This is for the climatic change because of humans. But if I have to talk about the natural factors because of global warming, the regions which have a lot of trees, which is not coastal and has the complete ozone layer, will be the least affected. It will probably be in the temperate zone with temperate climate. But mainly, it will depend upon the future.

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