What is a pirate spider?



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    A pirate spiders are spiders that eat other spiders. They do not make nests or webs but move amongst the low brush. They are characterized by spiny hairs on their front legs.

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    They are spiders from the family mimetidae that eat other spiders.  Pirate spiders include 200 different species of spider, although they are usually just 3mm-7mm long.

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    Pirate spiders, scientifically called Mimetids, are a family of about 200 spiders. Their distinguishing characteristic is feeding mainly on other spiders. They are small, at 3-7 mm (0.01-0.03 in), brown and yellow in color, and have rows of spine-like hairs on front legs. They hunt by pretending to be an insect caught in a web by tugging at it, and capturing the web’s builder who comes out to check for prey.

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    They are scary looking suckers. Here are some pics:

    Photo 1 and 2.

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    While they come from a family of several hundred different versions, here is a picture of what one looks like:


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