What is a pine marten?



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    A pine marten is a member of the weasel family that is native to Britain and Ireland and is a close relative of the mink, otter, and badger.  They are short-legged and have long bodies, resembling a domestic cat.  In fact, it has coined the name “cat crainn” in Ireland, which means “tree cat”.  Although they are rare, lately their numbers have been increasing due to greater protection efforts, particularly in Scotland.  They primarily eat rodents, birds, frogs, and rabbits, and while they are expert climbers, most of their hunting is done on the ground.  


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    The Pine Marten is a cute little animal related to the weasel.  They are much more rare than the weasel and prefer to live alone.  Pine Marten’s can be found in coniferous forests in cooler climates, such at the Northeast.  They are very small, usually weighing between 1-3 lbs.  They also have very sharp teeth for eating meat.

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