What is a Pika?



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    Pikas are relatives to the rabbit. They are smaller than rabbits, have rounded ears and grayish-brown fur. They are a North American species that has been greatly affected by global warming because they are very sensitive to temperature. They live in rocky alpine regions. For more extensive information about Pikas, look to the WWF (the World Wildlife Fund).


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    The correct spelling is “Pica.”  Pica is an eating disorder in which people compulsively eat substances that are devoid of nutrition i.e. non-food items.  Anything from dirt, to clay, to catlitter, to chalk, burnt matches, or paint chips have been reportedly eaten by people older than 2 years of age – the typical age in development when people stop consuming inedible items.  Symptoms of Pica are also exhibited in people well into their adult years, not just children.  It is most often associated with some forms of mental illness, or iron deficiencies.  Please see the links for more information.

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    Pikas live in mountainous areas and are commonly referred to as ‘tiny hares.’ As jet said, their survival is dependent on a certain temperature range: if they are exposed to temperatures exceeding 25 degrees Celsius, their bodies can overheat and the pika may die. Conversely they are reliant upon snow-pack in the winter to insulate their underground burrows – if too much snow has melted, the temperatures fall to dangerous levels.

    Refer to the citation below for an excellent overview of the environmental problems pikas are trying to grapple with.

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