What piece of legislature do you think needs to pass to help the environment?



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    An opinion question will be answered as such. I believe passing laws that limit manipulative psychology in advertising will be more effective than simply limiting polluting businesses. For example, we could ban all advertising for for-profit businesses but still allow non-profits to spread the word about what they do. This would also make our cityscapes more aesthetically pleasing.

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    While legislature is an important step in moving forward, no piece of legislature can ever be supported without a change in mindset.
    To go off your question a little, the more important step is right before creating new legislature: educating the public.
    There has to be a change in attitudes and actual knowledge has to be induced; with this information the laws can best reflect the population’s goals.
    As for environmental issues, the main focus should be on education; – and more importanly, educating the youth – with education there will be change.

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    I believe a cap and trade bill would help stimulate the renewable energy sector and encourage reduced emissions. 

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    Without a doubt the National Fish Habitat Conservation Act

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