What is Phylum Mollusca?



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    Phylum Mollsuca, also known as mollusks, are a diverse group of soft-bodied animals. They first appeared in the earliest Cambrian time. Mollusks live in all oceans, fresh water, and even on land. Examples of mollusks include clams, squid, and octopi.

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    Molluscs include octopuses, snails, slugs, and oysters. They have a soft body with a “head” and “foot” region, and very often some kind of shell.  They’re extremely important in deep-sea ecosystems and are commonly eaten by humans.  An interesting fact about the phylum mollusca is how common they are: there are currently 50,000 known species of molluscs, and the real number out there is probably closer to 200,000.  This is more species than any other group of animals except the arthropods!

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