What phrases or slogans encourage recycling?



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    There are several recycling slogans that you can use to help motivate people to recycle. Here are some of the best recycling slogans out there right now.


    1. Don’t be Trashy.  Recycle. This is a cute message with a double entendre that is sure to get the reader’s attention.  But it is right to the point – do not throw items away in the trash that should go into the recycling bin.  Show a little class.
    2. Eat, Sleep, Recycle. This is another funny slogan.  A variation of this slogan is “Eat, Sleep, Drink, Recycle.”  Depending on the target crowd, one message might work better than the other might.
    3. People who recycle do it over, and over, and over. Here is another recycling message with a double entendre.  This slogan is simple enough to explain away to the little ones but still be a bit funny for the rest of us.
    4. Wipe Out Waste. Maybe the alliteration does the trick.  The message is to the point about not throwing stuff away that we can recycle. 
    5. Once is not enough, recycle. Channelling a James Bond moment just might make the trash holder’s hand hover over the trash and move the item over to the recycling.  
    6. Recycling Works. People like to know that what they are doing counts.  That the extra time we take to sort our trash means something.  Hence, the beauty in this short message.
    7. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. This message is great because it adds two components to cutting down waste before we even get to recycle.  Reduce is helpful in the idea that smaller packaging or less packaging or just buying less of stuff helps.  Reusing things keeps us from throwing out stuff and buying new things to replace them. This is especially a good message in schools where children can come up with a million ways to use a milk carton or a cardboard box before throwing them out.
    8. I pity the fool who don’t recycle. I understand a new A-Team movie is coming out in 2010.  Don’t know if Mr. T will talk like he did on TV back in the 80s.  However, if he does, then this message should make sense to all people younger than 40 years of age.
    9. Don’t waste our future, recycle. This slogan reminds people why they are recycling.  If they think about how “wasteful” it is to throw stuff into the waste that could be recycled, then maybe this message can direct their behaviour at the trash can.
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    Don’t be Mean, Think Green! 

    One for All and All for One.  – outline the interaction of a web or chain where one thing effects everything else.



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