What is Philadelphia doing to be the greenest city in America?



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    There are many organizations that are helping to make Philadelphia a green city. The buisnesses  re is an organization called Green Village Philadelphia that is working with local businesses to “create a vibrant model of sustainable urban renewal and revitalization, developing underutilized land adjacent to an economically sensitive residential area in a neighborhood near Central Philadelphia.”

    The city of Philadelphia is also working on tree planting projects, a solar city partnership, green buildings among many other eco-friendly missions. You can find more information on http://www.phila.gov/green/

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    Urban gardening has also become very popular in Philadelphia. Neighborhoods have turned abandoned lots and former industrial sites into neighborhood gardens.

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    I believe Philadelphia also has a Styrofoam ban currently under review (which would make it the largest city on the east coast to ban styrofoam).

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