What pet gets turned loose in the wild the most?



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    Cats and dogs are likely, due to their sheer popularity, most often let loose. However, they still tend to stick around cities, making their impact on wild populations somewhat lesser. I know there are real problems with people releasing reptiles and fish because they don’t understand that they are not native and are dangerous to indigenous flora and fauna. Red-eared sliders are very popular pet turtles and are often set loose. An entire population of Burmese pythons has established itself in the Everglades in Florida because of pet releases. Sorry I can’t tell you, absolutely, which is most often released — but hopefully this is illuminating.

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    I agree with rickken that it’s difficult to say which type of pet is most often turned loose. In addition to those already mentioned, I think rabbits are also turned out quite often. But it’s very difficult to count them when fertile rabbits are in the mix. There is a lot of truth to the saying of “breeding like rabbits.” 

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