What is the person that makes maps called?



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    Mapmakers are known as cartographers.  Cartography is the science of drawing maps to depict geographic locations.  This profession has been active for millenias and was even more thriving before science allowed for us to know the face of the entire Earth.

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    A person who does the research for the maps is a surveyor, the maker and plotter of the map is a cartographer. They are often not mutually exclusive.

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    If you have the time, there is an interesting discussion surrounding cartography and social equality. The fictional television show, ‘The West Wing,’ raised an issue in one episode where people argued that those who originall designed the map of the world, have instilled us with biases towards different countries. That is, the way in which we look at the world map maknes us give the northern hemisphere more importance than the southern hemisphere, because of top-down sensibilities. They argued this, and other cases for changing the map. The group is fictional, but the discussion is real and the insights are quite interesting.

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