What is Permaculture?



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    Permaculture is a system of design that looks to relationships in nature when designing human communities and systems of agriculture.  It’s a functionally sustainable land-usage principle as it takes into consideration various biological, ecological, and sociological factors to ensure a reduced impact on the environment and future generations.  The roots of permaculture came from Australia, where Bill Mollison and David Holmgren began by attempting to replicate edible ecosystems they saw in nature.  Presently, permaculture is used in lots of ways from the design of parks and houses, to urban pea patches.

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    Permaculture is a way of designing certain aspects of human life in such a way that it reflects ecological sustainability. Examples of permaculture include building natural homes that rely on sustainable systems, growing your own food in a garden, helping to repair and restore ecosystems, using rainwater catchment systems, and overall building an interconnected community that supports sustainable lifestyles.

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