What percentage of wild mushrooms can be eaten safely?



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    According to the horticulture department at The Ohio State University (2011). There is no test or characteristic to distinguish edible from poisonous mushrooms. The only information that scientists have is what has been proven by the people that have eaten particular types of wild mushroom. Some of these individuals have eaten certain kinds of wild mushrooms and have become ill and have even died, and there are others that have eaten another type of wild mushroom and have been able to eat that particular kind frequently with no problem. So, based on this information it is rather impossible to give an exact percentage of wild mushrooms that actually can be eaten safely. If you would like to learn more about this particular study, please visit the link below.

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    According to earthsky.org, about 5% of the wild mushrooms that grow in North America are edible. Actually, the site gives the same percentage for those that are poisonous as well, noting that the other 90% won’t kill you, but just aren’t good to eat. Also, please note that many edible ‘shrooms look almost exactly like some toxic ones, so their are some that you should avoid even you think they are edible.

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