What percentage of their shoes does Nike recycle?



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    I couldn’t find a percent, but Nike’s Considered Design shoes look to be made from a high percentage of recycled material. One example is the Trash Talk; the outsole is made from Nike Grind, the laces are 100% recycled material as is the packaging, and leather in the shoes is from “leather waste from the manufacturing process.” As of 2011, Nike boasts “All Nike footwear newly developed, coming out of US headquarters will meet or exceed Considered Design baseline standards.” By 2015, they hope to include Hong Kong and European headquarters. Hope this was helpful! 

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    Nike is considered one of the most efficient companies out in the market. The textile industry often has one of the largest negative impacts on the environment but Nike is countering that fact by creating greener products, running more efficient factories, and Nike’s Reuse a Shoe program. Material not needed to make shoes are being used to craft sports courts.

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