What percentage of the stimulus package has gone to renewable energy?



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    It’s hard to separate how much exactly goes to renewable energy, but let’s try to count:

    • $13 billion to extend tax credits for it
    • $4.5 billion to General Services Administration for energy efficiency and┬árenewable energy
    • $6 billion for renewable energy and transmission loan guarantees
    • $4.6 billion to Army Corps of Engineers for, among other things, hydropower
    • $6.3 billion for state and local renewable energy┬áinvestments
    • $400 million for geothermal technologies

    In addition, there were similarly sized amounts of money for related things like electric vehicles, electricity transmissions, smart grid, various energy efficiency improvements, and research at the Department of Energy.

    That’s out of $787 billion. Summing up the number I bullet-listed, that’s 34.4 billion, or 4.37%. Adding up the other related abovementioned things, that number grows to about 80.4 billion (10.2%), but that is really overstretching it.

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