What percentage of rhinos every year are killed by poachers?



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    The total population of white rhinos on the African continent is approximately 20,000 — The “critically endangered” black rhino has a population estimated at 4000.  There have been 115 rhino deaths this year.   According to some reports, including one produced by the World Wide Fund for Nature, poaching has nearly reached a 15 year high.

    According to the link below (green.blogs.nytimes.com) roughly 95 percent of the poaching deaths in Africa originated in South Africa (210) and Zimbabwe (235).

    While poaching is on the rise and the black rhino is endangered, I’m unable to find specific percentages.  I’ll keep after it!

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    A previous person asked this already, and I think that they answer given then was fitting. Typical rhino deaths are around 3.5 a month, or 48 or so a year, but it has drastically been on the rise, like michaelovera stated. if we figure that the total rhino population is 24,000, and divide both 48 and 200 by 24,000, we would get a high and low percentage. So, there would be a wide margin of error, but saying that between .2% and .83% of wild rhinos are killed per year seems reasonable.

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