What percentage of the population of Alaska are Inuit people?



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    Well, according to this chart, the term Inuit only refers to those living in Cananda! I question the accuracy of that, but I’m no expert on such labeling. I’m assuming you are referring to the people that are often called Eskimos, and am answering based on that.


    It would appear that it is about 14.8%. Unfornuately, it would appear that they are lumping Native Americans and Alaskan Natives together. Given that the more detailed listing says that about 1/3 of them are Native Americans, that would give you approximately a rounded up 5% of them are Eskimos.  

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    Around 42,000 of Alaska’s almost 700,000 residents are Eskimo. This is just around 6 percent of the total population. Eskimo are comprised of two main groups, Yupic, and Inuit. Both are indigenous people who have traditionally inhabited the circumpolar region of the Northern hemisphere.

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