What percentage of plastic bottles are recycled?



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    Only about 20 percent of plastic bottles in the U.S. are recycled. In other countries around the world though this number is even lower, sometimes falling below 10 percent. This comes coupled with increased production. In the mid-nineties, when plastic bottle production was much lower, the recycling rate was in the 40’s, which means all of the media coverage isn’t helping as much as we think.

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    According to CNN.com, “in some countries, as much as 90 percent of water bottles end up in landfills.” In the U.S., 23% of plastic bottles were recycled in 2005, compared to 40% in 1995.

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    Compare the article above with this article, published in 2005. It looks like the percentage of bottles being recycled is DECLINING. This report says that ~19% of ALL RECYCLABLE plastic containers were recycled in 2003 (not just water/pop bottles), which is less than 54% in 1994.

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