What percentage of landfills is made up of used electronics?



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    It’s hard to say what percentage of landfills is comprised of electronics considering the substantial amount of trash that sits around our planet. However, the porblem known as “E-waste” is a growing concern all over the world and there are some alarming statistics that go along with it. The United States exports over 50% of our “recycled” computers and electronics over seas to poor countries where their toxic components tend to negatively affect small rural communities. Factors such as this make it hard to determine a true accurate percentage of e-waste in landfills because even though all of our old electronics may not be poluting our specific community, they are often being dumped in other peoples backyards.

    In 1989, the Basel Convention was formed which is an international treaty created to reduce the movement of hazardous materials between countries. The convention is still consistently meeting to address issues pertaining to electronic waste disposal. I am posting a link to their website which has a lot of interesting and helpful information on this topic.

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    Electronic waste accounts for 70% of toxic waste found in landfills, though only a small percent of landfill waste is toxic. Overall, electronic waste accounts for about 2% of landfill waste in the United States, but we export a lot of it. Luckily, more phone companies are offering to take back phones, and more electronic recycling facilities are opening up in the U.S.

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