What percentage of homes in the US have smart meters?



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    98 million meters in the US are smart meter, or 47% of all meters. This is a great increase from 2006, when only 1% of meters were smart. Financial and regulatory issues halt the installation of smart meters nationwide. Nonetheless, a sharp increase in their use in recent years is evident.

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    To date, approximately 8.3 millions smart meters, which accounts for 6% of all meters in America, have been installed. In a report by Parks Associate, which conducted a study on the usage of smart meters by American utilities, that figure is predicted to increase dramatically over the next two years to an estimated 33 million. According to Bill Ablondi, director of home systems research at Parks Associates, “Hundreds of small utilities at the local level will carry out smart meter initiatives of their own.” In addition, a national deployment plan for smart meters is scheduled to kick off over the course of the next few years. These developments will definitely give smart meters a boost in its effort for rapid expansion.

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