What percentage of homes in America have solar systems on them?



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    I’m having trouble finding hard numbers on this. The Department of Energy’s website claims that about 880,000 photovoltaic systems had been shipped to the US and its territories as of the end of 2007. The Census Bureau’s website cites some 128 million homes in the US in 2007 (including part-time and vacation homes); if both are accurate, that works out to about 0.7% of homes in the US using solar power in 2007.

    Presumably it’s a higher proportion now, with solar energy having grown considerably in popularity in the last couple of years. If the trend in the figures in the DOE’s table has continued steadily (disregarding economic downturn), about 700,000 more would have shipped in the past two years. Of course, I’ve no idea how many more households exist now, so a percentage is quite difficult to estimate.

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