what percentage does adidas make of recycled material..



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    Adidas is planning to make the uniforms for the London 2012 Olympics from recycled materials.  A special shoe for 70,000 volunteers will be made from entirely recycled materials and sustainable drinking bottles will be made also.

    Adidas claims it will be the first in the world to make 100% recycled drinking bottles.

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    In the coming 2012 NBA Basketball season, Adidas is planning to launch their new eco-friendly jerseys, made out of an impressive 60% recycled materials.  As well as being more sustainable, according to the players wearing this new line of ‘Revolution 30’ jerseys, the new threads are extremely lightweight and have exponentially faster moisture-wicking technologies.  The sportswear giant has also set itself a goal that by 2015, one hundred percent of footwear and a high percentage of apparel will contain either sustainably produced materials and or recycled materials.  Presently, recycled materials are used for inlay soles, textiles and plastics heading towards footwear production.  A recent company report stated, “Using recycled materials reduces consumption of raw materials and lowers the amount of total energy required to make products.”  From the same report, Adidas states that their shoeboxes are 95% recycled and the shipping cartons are 100%.

    Adidas is also promoting their involvement with the 2012 Olympic Games in London by incorporating a large percentage of recycled materials into their staff uniforms and a specialty shoe as stated by necolepe.

    If you’re hungry for some eco-happy Adidas shoes at the moment, check out the link below for sneakerfreaker or search for the Adidas GRUN collection.

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