What percentage of the beef that America eats come from American farms?



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    99% of beef consumed in the United States is produced in the United States. Due to factory farming, which can house up to 125,000 animals at one time under a single roof, allow the highest possible output of beef at the lowest possible cost to the operator (according to farmforward.com). However, though production may be high, Factory Farming causes a huge imbalance in the environment. Due to the unnaturally high numbers of animals in a concentrated area, farmers are faced with an unmanageable amount of waste. The ground is unable to consume the waste in a proper amount of time, and so it just sits there, running off into water and making the air unbreathable. Whereas waste is historically a great fertilizer, it has now become a pollutant where Factory Farms are concerned. And that is just one of many negative impacts Factory Farming has on the environment.

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