What percentage of Americans graduate high school?



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    According to comparison made between The New York Times and Education Week, and high school graduation rate has been increasing 68.8% in 2007 to 75% in 2008. However the increase does not depict individual state rates that vary considerably. For example New York has made progress in graduating their students while Nevada has fallen behind. In terms of statistical mobility the tops states and bottom states have not changed considerably, with Iowa and other midwestern states consistently leading the charts with Georgia and parts of the south ranking in the bottom.

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    JoseB is correct in that according to the New York Times, the high school graduation rate was 75% in 2008. However, an actual number is difficult to pin down because each state calculates high school completion a little differently. The Obama administration is pushing for a uniform way of reporting high school graduation rates across the country, so maybe in a couple years we will see some new numbers. 

    The following picture shows overall trends from 2002 to 2007, so overall the good news is that many states are growing in the number of high school graduates. 

    NY Times HS Graduation Map


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    Graduation rates since 2008 have not been widely reported. There are some new initiatives by congress to increase the percentage of American students graduating high school on time from about 75% (2008) up to 90%. This “Every Student Counts Act” would better track the number of dropouts and graduates from high schools nationwide and set a goal of increasing the number of graduates by 3% each year. 

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