What percentage of Americans are in Favor of clean energy?



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    I could not find any polls gauging the percentage of Americans that support clean energy, however I would imagine that, at least to some degree, all Americans are for clean energy.  I think, given the choice, people generally want to do what is good for the environment, especially if it doesn’t cost them any more, and they don’t have to go too far out of their way to get it.  I suppose Americans that work in the oil industry, or maybe the coal industry, would have a vested intrest in opposing clean energy.

    To get an idea you could look at sales figures for things like solar panels, energy upgrades on houses or sales of hybrid or alternative energy vehicles to get an idea of those early adopters of green energy technologies.  To give you some idea, Toyota sold 139,682 prius hybrids in 2009 alone.

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