What percentage of soil is air?



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    This is highly dependent on the type of soil and its location and the size and quantity of the soil. Irrigation and rainfall will drive replace air with water.

    Since “air” is composed of gasses I will break down the gas contents in percentage of, Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Oxygen (O), and Nitrogen (N), of certain soils.

    Percentage Composition of Surface Soil Air of Different Soils.

    Forest Soil: 0.87(CO2) 19.61(O) 79.52(N)
    Clayey soil: 0.66(CO2) 19.61(O) 79.35(N)
    Asparagus bed not manured for one year
    0.74(CO2) 19.02(O) 80.24(N)
    Vegetable mould compost
    3.64(CO2) 16.45(O) 79.91(N)
    Swamp rice land
    4.23 to 4.69(CO2) 0.31 to 0.99(O) 84.35
    to 86.60(N)

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