what is the Pepsi refresh project?



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     PepsiCo has described this an effort to be a “corporate citizen”, combining company goals with goals for the public good. In a corporate age, this is one way that we can ensure our society and communities will be strong under our capitalist system of powerful corporations! Pepsi has called for consumers to submit suggestions on how to donate money to public causes. According to the company, more people voted on ideas than on the President of the U.S.! In an age of huge, powerful corporations, consumers seem to take corporate power more seriously than Presidential power. 

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    The Pepsi Refresh project has already made significant contributions to causes supported by public vote.  These contributions come in the form of $5k, $25k, $50k, and $250k.  So far, $4.75 million has been donated by PepsiCo just to their 19 $250k projects.  Some of these projects include abduction prevention safety books and DVD’s, research towards a cancer treatment with no negative side effects, and creatively preventing children from using tobacco across the United States.

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