What is ‘peak coal’?



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    “Peak Coal is the point in time at which the maximum global coal production rate is reached, after which, according to the theory, the rate of production will enter to a terminal decline.”  Many researchers suggest that the United States has another 200-400 years left of coal supply, while some new research says differently.  According to sustainablebusiness.com, the U.S. may hit peak coal in 2011.  Because coal is the most abundant finite energy resource in the United States, this could pose a potential energy crisis.  Hopefully it will lead to major investments in renewable energy resources throughout North America.

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    As stated above peak coal is the point when maximum coal production is reached. In fact, China may only be two or three years away from their peak coal production. They are capable of producing 3.6 to 3.8 billion tons of coal for the next to years. They have been mining and processing coal since the end of War World 2 in 1949. It is only a matter of time. 

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